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Project Progress

To date Dow has requested access to 1683 residential, residential like and non-residential properties. Once access is granted Dow will sample the property and test the soil for dioxin TEQ. Results of the testing will be communicated to property owners.

  • If the soil tests less than or equal to 250 ppt no additional work will be required.
  • If the soil tests above 250 ppt TEQ Dow will develop a plan with the property owner for removal of 12 inches of soil, replacement with clean soil and new landscaping. Upon agreement with the property owner Dow will complete the work.

Current project status as of October 13, 2014 is described below.

Access Agreements

To date, Dow has obtained 1635 access agreements out of a total of 1683 properties.


Sampling Progress

To date, Dow has sampled 1635 properties out of a total of 1635 properties for which we have access agreements.


Remedy Action Progress

To date, Dow has cleaned up 132 properties out of a total of 132 that tested above 250 ppt.


Number of Properties in Each Group

0 - 50 ppt
50 - 100 ppt
100 - 150 ppt
150 - 200 ppt
200 - 250 ppt
> 250 ppt