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Dow will contact residential property owners residing in the initial sampling area to request permission to sample the soil on their properties.

Dow will analyze soil samples to determine the level of dioxins. Properties that test above 250 ppt will be offered cleanup. Properties that test at or below 250 ppt will not require cleanup.

Upon receiving the soil sampling results, Dow will develop a specific remediation plan for each property, which will be reviewed with the owner. Upon consent of the property owner, Dow will conduct cleanup activities to remove the top 12 inches of soil from the property, replace it with new soil and return the lawn and any plantings to their previous state.

Cleanup activities will be conducted as safely and as quickly as possible, at Dow's expense.

Upon completion of remediation, property owners will receive a confirmation letter from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

For more information, watch an animation of the Remediation in Action.

Residential Property Owner Documents

Sampling Access Agreement Form